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V2500 Engine Stand

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Engine Stands Available

The Multipurpose Engine stand is very strong and stable platform during on wing engine changing operation and transportation. The Engine stand is mountable/dismountable from the transporter stand (universal base) and normally secured during transport at four positions on the transporter stand by means of locking pins. The engine on the cradle can be protected from damage by means of an optional bumper bar assembly at each end of the stand. The transporter stand is supplied with castor wheels and brakes as standard. The Engine stand is provided with fork truck lifting facilities from either side, which can only be used when the cradle is separated from the transporter, and not when the cradle and engine are secured on the mobile transporter stand. The engine cradle is attached to the transporter stand via four support/locking positions situated on the underside of each longitudinal box section. These are coincident with four brackets on the transporter stand, (which are attached to the transporter stand via shock absorbers), to reduce engine vibration.


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